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I have a Honda ATC 110. It idles but when running it runs hot and burns up the plugs. Any ideas?


-- Mickey Bunn (, June 13, 2002


Sounds like an intake valve or exhaust valve problem. Probably intake valve.

-- John N. (, August 15, 2002.

Does it do it when its running or after you let it sit and cool down. If it does it when it sits try finding what oil is in it. If it is synthetic it will do this. Did the same to me If it is change the oil every 5 hours of use or so a couple of times if this is not the case you are shit out of luck

-- (, November 27, 2002.

Hello... this is an old thread, but if you have not figured it out yet, this might be it. the adjustment on the needle/throttle valve is for mid to high rpms. If its too lean, you will run very hot! Take your throttle cable out of the carb and remove the needle(2" long brass neddle). On the end, there is a e-clip. The needle has five grooves for the e-clip. The groove at the top is for a lean mixture, and the bottom groove is for a richer fuel mixture. Move the e-clip and try it out. It might be the valves, but usually bad valves will effect all rpms! If you have a bad valve, its going to idle like crap! Hope this helps!

-- brian (, July 30, 2003.

If it isn't idleing good and it dies try the jets. Another thing you can do is get a new idler.

-- ken greenwood (, September 29, 2004.

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