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Does anyone know how to make this from scratch?

-- Frank Sandoval (, June 12, 2002


no, we were hoping you'd have a recipe. Don't like opening website on google when u type-in nettle tea .

-- wilomena Ickers (, August 10, 2002.

Making nettle tea is about as easy as falling off a log! You just take some nettle leaves,(fresh or dried),and boil them for at least a few minutes,pour off the juice, add sugar and drink it. I've tried it and I thought it was pretty good. You can use either stinging nettle,(opposite leaves), or wood nettle,(alternate leaves). jim d

-- jim dorn (, August 10, 2002.

excellent the nettle tea was lovely anyone got any other tea recipes

-- ian woodhouse (, September 06, 2002.

what's nettle tea good for? Funnily enough, if you rub stinging nettle all over your body, it only stings on the places where you have toxins under your skin. The pain's quite nice after a while. Sort of.

-- Polly (, May 11, 2003.

Apparently it is good for the systems of hayfever...

-- Joanne Jackson (, June 23, 2003.

nettle tea is great when having sex it increases blood flow to the sexual organs and make you have hightened pleasure

-- K. Manak (, June 23, 2003.

This web site lists several healing properties of nettle tea.

-- Cindy (, November 06, 2003.

Nettle tea is great for gout (pain in the big joints of the feet) I found it cleared my condition and now I drink it for a few days every couple of weeks. I use nettle tea bags from Holland & Barrett. About three cups per day. My gout has been gone for years now

-- homer harper (, November 08, 2003.

I live in Hamburg and I see swathes of nettles cut down in the city's nature parks in summer - clearly by private persons - so they are either having wonderful sex or have dreadful gout or something.....

-- Lawrence of Arabia (, December 01, 2003.

If you want to buy our Nettle tea @ , we are more than happy to give a %25 discount when mentioning this forum

-- S Adie (, June 04, 2004.

I'm not so sure about the sex thing - it smacks of masochism to me!

-- John Digby (, July 19, 2004.

Nettle Tea

I am going to dry the nettles,then pick the leaves and place in boiling water strain and hopefully try, can anyone improve on this?

-- Steven Carr (, August 31, 2004.

How do you know this isn't POISINESS or that they're the right sort of nettles or that a badger hasn't urinated on them ?

-- john (, October 02, 2004.

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