What is a Kingdom?

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What is a kingdom? It's a place where a king reigns. It's a place where his laws are obeyed and where his authority reaches.

In Heaven God's Kingdom is unchallenged. His will is obeyed without question. But it isn't so on earth. Here the rebellion is constant. That's why we're told to pray "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

We can begin this by first looking at ourselves. Is God's Kingdom authority recognized in your life? He has the authority to rule you, but are you in rebellion against it? Obedience to the king's laws brings peace and order to a kingdom. How are you doing with experiencing this in your life?

Jesus is our example of one who allowed God to rule Him. As God He laid down His majesty and learned obedience as a servant. In doing this we see a life where God's reign was completely unhindered, and what a life it was! As a man Jesus modeled for us what can happen when a person yields completely to the Father under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He manifested autoritative teaching, prayer that was always on the mark, and powerful ministry. Jesus said we'd do greater things than He did. How will this happen? Through allowing God to reign supreme in our lives, and submission to His authority.

Where are you rebelling against God? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas that have yet to be brought under the yoke of the Lord.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2002

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