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just letting people who check up on this stuff to let you know thatt there are new mp3s here team_karate_warehouse.html so copy and paste it and check them out and let me know if they suck or whatever

-- nathan (, June 12, 2002


that was a bittersweet show

hey i was at that show! (go figure huh) that was such a great show!!! i had so much fun with cori that night. the mp3s r cool except ron's vocals dont sound too good. but its nice to hear john hughs love...u guys need to play that more...and give me my video back. the zine will come out some time...cori is finishin skewl still and i graduated last night so its been busy for us but u guys r in there go figure lol) so look for that.

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, June 12, 2002.


i do believe that is me screaming lol. prolly cori sometimes too but yea. during mr t live ronnie sounds like he is doin the billie joe thig...sounding like an english man impersonating an american impersonating an english man haha. not quite as sexy as billie joe tho of course

-- me again (, June 12, 2002.

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