1 Year old hip fracture developing cysts

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I fractured my right hip just over a year ago and after having it X rayed yesterday I was told that this hip is developing bone cysts around the area where the 3 pins where put in. The doctor told me that this is very bad and that I will likely need a hip replacement in the future because he believes that my hip is going to basically break on its own due to these cysts. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? And if so, what are these cysts? Thanks for any info.

-- Sharon McGonegal (sgal@sympatico.ca), June 11, 2002


Cysts in bone are seen with arthritis. YOU may have some arthritis after your hip fracture. This would be a reason for pain that would be treated with a hip replacement. IT is difficult to comment without seeing yoyr x-rays. Sincerely, Paul Khanuja, MD

-- Paul Khanuja, MD (hkhanuj1@jhmi.edu), June 27, 2002.

Thank you for your answer. I'd still like to know what cysts are and does this mean that the bone is breaking down? Also, how long could it take for this to happen? Thanks for the opinion you have given me.

-- Sharon McGonegal (sgal@sympatico.ca), June 27, 2002.

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