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What is going on with the elections at the Christian Education Congress. I rember Jerry Turner annouced his intentions to run for President. Is their anybody else running for RAYAC. I have a large delegation going from my church in Memphis. So if any of the people running see this message, please respond.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002


Good afternoon Brother Mark,

I am still aspiring for President of the RAYAC. I really have no knowledge of who else would be running for this office. I do ask for you and the good people of AME Today and the entire church continue to pray for the revival of young adults to our churches. I am confident that His will be done in the election process of the RAYAC.

I would like to thank Rev. Fisher for his kind words and posting of the Vision of the RAYAC. I also would like to thank the many people that responded to my asipration with positive comments, suggestions and words of encouragement. Continue to lift me up in your daily prayers for strength. (The election is July 4th)

Hope to see you in Tampa and in North Carolina.



-- Anonymous, June 12, 2002

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