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Hi everyone, Just thought you might want to know that Health Interlink are not stocking MGN3 any longer. They had no explanation, but as I'm taking it, I was rather concerned. They suggested RM10 instead. Any way I had a look on the internet for stockists and noticed that one was in the UK but is in a slightly different format. I called them the next morning and they said that Lanes should have stopped importing mgm3 here over 6 months ago. They no longer have a licence to sell it here. But apparently this company is the only one to supply to Europe, otherwise you need to contact Tokyo. The Really Healthy Company, Nancy Siverstein, 4 Tanner St,Unit 1, London SE1 3LD Tel:0208 480 1000 It is sold under the name of Bio Bran mgn3 Sold as 250mg tablets or 1000mg sachets. I hope it tests as well I have orderd some samples to see how well it tests, but if you have any samples of the lanes mgm3 and you don't want them , send them my way. Anyway I'll let you know how it is. The woman running the company semed very well informed. Liz

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

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