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i was wondering if you ever thought about having a team of U.S. soldiers maybe a team from ARMY(like myself) against another service or just against anyone. Building a track vehicle or even a recovery vehicle and maybe even a armored vehicle who knows.I just think it could be cool.i love the show but bieng in the military i miss it some of the time.If there is a way i can buy a copy of each season i would like to know.thank you

-- thomas l carbaugh (, June 11, 2002


Not sure when this message was posted but that sounds like a great idea, I am in the Marines and that would make an interesting show or event. My 2cents.

-- William Eaton (, September 04, 2002.

At least sone of the people are vets. I was in the airforce in the 80's I worked on B-52's at Loring AFB I believe the "Missle Masters"? were a Navy team on active duty at the time, they were "assigned" to the show. The "jet doctors" put the metal triangle they left behind on top of Golf Machine that was in the finals.

-- Kimric Smythe (, May 02, 2003.

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