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I have fixed the hack. It really was not that sophisticated, it just took a little thinking as to how to get around its disabling properties.

Unless he comes up with something a little more sophisticated in terms of his java scripting, we should never face this problem again, it proved to be a rank amateur attempt.

Thank you for your patience and God does always win in the long run. We just have to be patient and let God fight the battle and to Him goes the victory as He opens our eyes to the chink in the enemies armour.

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002


Thank you Reverend Fisher. God Bless you!

"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow".

To God be the glory, honor, dominion, majesty and power forever and forever, world without end. AMEN!

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

God is Good!! No weapon formed against this site shall prosper!!! I praise God for the victory! May God continue to bless you in your efforts Rev. John!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

Thank you God for allowing your servant Rev. John Fisher to fix this problem. It is my prayer that this site will touch the lives of millions around the world and continue to serve as a source of inspiration. Praise God for Rev. John Fisher and his dedication to spreading the gospel around the world!!!


-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

Dear Rev. John The Fervant prayer of the righteous still avails much. Thank You God for rewarding Rev. John Fisher as he continues to diligently seek you. Thank You God for showing us the victory over the enemy.

God Bless You Rev. John and the Faithful Family of this board.

Love From Bermuda

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

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