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Yahoo! isn't God so good in protecting his children. Nothing can stop this ministry and nothing can stop the children of Richard Allen from doing the work of God. Next month I am teaching at a summer institute for the state department at Montana State University. This is the second year I am doing this. The program brings the top teachers from newly formed countries of the Soviet Union. These teachers have to win a competition in order to come to the U.S they are called "Teachers of Excellence" last year I taught a class on the ethics of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther king, and I was amazed how much the teachers knew about black history. They were particularly interested in the black church. So this year I will be teaching about the A.M.E denomination. One of the things I am so proud of is the incredible work that are churches are doing. I would like to share some of the initiatives and and projects that local churchs are doing? What program has your church done in the last five years that has really excited you. i.e prison ministry, children's choir, nursing home visitation, etc. Thanks everyone I am really excited to talk about our great denomination. I love you all!!

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

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