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Hello new to this forum thing. anyway i have been seraching for answers all over the place for this question. I cant get to play VCDs on my Sony s536d i know that cdrs are not surpported but have not yet tried cdrw. has anyone had any experince with the player and VCDs



-- TraX (, June 10, 2002


Actually, the odds are excellent that your Sony player will play Prime Peripherals brand CD-Rs. If you live in the USA, you can buy them in person at Office Max. They don't sell this brand anywhere except in their stores. You can't buy them on their web site. They sell them in groups of 50 (they're 80 minutes by the way) for about $14. Most CD-RW brands do work in Sony DVD players, so if Office Max is not an option for you, try CD-RW. I can personally verify that Sony brand CD-RW discs work in Sony DVD players, but other major brands should be OK too.

-- root (, June 10, 2002.

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