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I am seriously considering becoming a doula or a birthing assistant (there is a bit of confusion as to what the difference is between the two terms, but I digress), and I wanted to know how much of being a doula requires one to be "spiritually inclined", so to say. I'm asking this because I would prefer to be a doula in a secular mannor.

Isthis at all possible, or is religion hand in hand with labor and birth typically?


-- Muriel Montgomery (, June 09, 2002


I don't think you have to be religious, just tolerant and respectful of others beliefs and religious practices. I am not doing my doula work from a religious perspective ut I certainly respect that people may have very strong religious and cultural beliefs surrounding birth.


-- Carissa Lentz (, June 12, 2002.

Regardless of whether you are 'spiritually' inclined or not you're going to meet someone, sometime who has a different view of G-d/birth/breastfeeding etc. Like any other aspect tolerance and (when it's appropriate) education. I really think that spirituality transcends relgion, doesn't mean that you have to become incense burnin' hippie mama, but I think most doulas approach birth with a certain amount of reverence. And that's all I'm tryin' to say!

-- Madelene P. (, July 27, 2002.

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