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My Mother was a usher at the fox theater while dad was overseas. She would like to know if there is a record or pictures of the theater.

-- LARRY ENDERUD (, June 09, 2002


i found a site using google and will attach it to an e-mail through aol - i don't know how to paste except using glue

-- mike dempsey (, June 10, 2002.

I went to the SF Public Library's on-line archive of historic photos and found 120 entries for the Fox. To find them, go to the library's "Electronic Resources" page at, click on the Historical Photographs link, then type "Fox Theater" in the search box.

-- John Martini (, June 10, 2002.

Visit the Fox Plaza (site of theater) in SF and see large photos in lobbies

-- Craig Smith (, June 10, 2002. the above site has some on-line photos of the fox theater and other theaters that use to dot market street. there are also photos at the san francisco historical society's site.

-- Nathan Lee (, June 11, 2002.

A 370 page book was published in 1979 with full history and extensive photos of the Fox Theatre: FOX - The Last Word - Story of the World's Finest Theatre. Author: Preston J. Kaufmann. Publisher: Showcase Publications, PO Box 744-C, Pasadena, CA 91104.

-- Gloria Delgado (, August 19, 2002.

If you are still looking for Fox memorabilia I have a copy of the 1961 booklet, "San Francisco's Fabulous and Foolish Fox." This 48 pg. booklet contains many pictures of the theater's interior and has much info. It measures 7"x11" and is in very good condition. I am going to be offering it for sale. Interested?

-- Skip Herbert (, December 24, 2003.


That book you are recommending is very rare. Only 1,000 copies of it were ever published and the price tag for that book in good condition is upwards of $1,000. Because it's so rare most libraries do not have it either.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*, December 25, 2003.

When the book by Preston Kaufmann was in the preparation, he was interviewed on a local radio station at the time. I heard it and remembered that I had made a photograph of an old delapidated store front and apartment house down under the 101 overpass (in the City) during my years as a photography student at S.F. State. I called him and offered it to him for no charge. He thanked me, I mailed it to him and he used it in the book.

I was studying photography around 1964 and our class had a field trip to The City with our 4x5 cameras. This old building was decorated with a triangular arrangement of gas station-type triangular flags in a triangle arrangement with the words "SAVE THE FOX" in huge white letters across the front of the building at the base of the triangle of flags. A man was walking past on the sidewalk and I was photographing from across the street. The photograph was a time exposure since the building was in deep shadow (and blackened with age) so the man's movement was somewhat blurred giving the essence of the passing of an era with flags waving and nobody seeiming to care about saving the Fox. Unfortunately, I never bought a copy of the book, but saw it several years later in a Carmel Bookstore for $39.00, but decided I didn't need to have it just to show off my photograph. I felt it was enough just to be able to share my piece of history for such a neat cause. But I now wish I had bought it. It was a great book. You can still see it at the San Francisco Main Library in the reserved section on the top floor.

-- Bob Will (, February 19, 2004.

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