White as snow! (A clean slate)

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Dear Rev. John Once saved by Jesus our record is washed white as snow. May Jesus wash our minds that the threads from now keep us spiritually white as snow. I am not afraid of what the enemy can or will do.

I will continue to get on Airplanes despite 9/11 and I will serve the Lord despite the devil and I will post here despite the serpent who attacked.

In the name of Jesus I will stand. Strike all you want enemy your time is almost up. God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002


Bro. Nalton God bless you for your powerful words!! The American Bible Society web page has been hacked into twice in the last month and a half. Now that we know the enemy is busy, we too shall be busy in prayer. We the children of Richard Allen are bound to God and Jesus Christ our lord and savior protects this discussion board and the ministry of our denomination. Let us be strong in the lord and praise him that he strengthen Rev. Fisher so he could get the board back up. "Our father who is with us at all times, we praise you for the love that you give to us so freely. We feel your generous protection in our lives, we now ask that the power of the Holy Spirit envelop this board and all that read it and post upon it, please keep Rev. Fisher and sister Jan close to you so that they can continue this ministry that you have given to them. You and you alone are the reason we live each day, our hearts desire is to glorify and magnify you and to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ" Amen

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

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