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Hey there...

Deep apologies, but I'm playing with Greenspun's presentation format here and the software's a bit squirrelish this morning. I want us to be able to categorize messages, but I'd like the current list to appear in a single coherent whole.

I'm supposed to be able to do this by selecting the "present uncategorized" option, and this is supposed to allow users to still define a category when we ask a new question, but present the threads in chronological order.

Unfortunately, the Category Selection menu isn't appearing in the Ask A Question box, and I'm just assuming it will later on, and that the software's being worked on this morning. Don't hesitate to start a new thread at any time. I'd kind of like to see your beautiful poem/forest walk there, because it's just so lovely - it made me cry.

The categories I have are:

Administrivia the Meandering Letters we Share - oxbows, torrents, and gardens of reply carrots >>> Notes to Others Cool Things to Know Essays, Tales and Allegories Mist - What hasn't settled to the ground yet - Ephemera

Asking a Question creates a new member of one of these Categories. My story about the heroin/anarchist scene should probably get its own thread, and be categorized under the essays bit. I should probably leave the replies under the Letters category.

We can re-categorize at any time. We can move stuff around. We can drive each other crazy...Though you're a Gemini, and I'm a Cancer, so that might be hard to do. Well, maybe we can just drive each other around in this already familiar territory, yes?



* * * * * * *

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002


So, I'm going to set the categories back to on (and if you're done here for the day, this little blip will be the only evidence extant of me muttering to myself as I wrangle with the light spells...)

If it gets too cumbersome with all the little category items, like entrees and appetizers and deserts, just let me know - or change them back again yourself.

Just watch out for that delete function - it can wipe the story pretty fast...

* * * * * * * * *

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002

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