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I burned a VCD recently and while it plays fine in my computer, it always hangs up in the same spot in my dvdplayer and then my dvd player ejects the disk. I converted the .cue file to an mpeg and made a VCD. I even went back and did a playback check before I burned it and everything showed up great. Can anyone give a reason and possible help?

-- Diana (, June 08, 2002


There are two possibilities: first your CD-R itself has a scratch which may or may not be visible; some players eject the disc, others display a still picture at the point of corruption and stays there, still others skip it and play from the next valid header. The other is that your *.mpg or *.dat file itself is corrupted (possible when it was merely lifted from another VCD). You should then open that file in TMPGenc and re-encode, then use the resulting file to author another VCD with, say, Nero. The re-encoding is important because merely including the file in a VCD-layout in Nero doesn't make it any less corrupt.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, June 09, 2002.

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