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Can some one help me copy a VCD which has a scratch on it( only a few seconds of video in center is lost, other parts are fine) and i am not able to copy to another one

-- Suhas (, June 08, 2002


You need to use CLoneCD. It's fast at reading VCD's and can be set to "ignore" read errors - you will most likely copy them to the resulting cd as bad data, but you should still be able to copy the disc!

If you still encounter problems, slow your read speed down and also check on the CloneCD web site that your hardware is fully supported. Finally, I'd recommend making an image file first of the disc you're copying, onto the hard drive; don't try disc-to-disc!

Hope this helps. All the best.

-- William (, June 13, 2002.

-- William (, June 13, 2002.

If you get problems playing the film in your DVD player, one option would be to re-encode the film:

I think you need a pretty decent PC to do this at a reasonable speed!

-- William (, June 13, 2002.

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