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I would like opinions on the following Manuals how to guides etc. that deal with the T90: 1. Canon T90 Quick Referance Book 2. Canon T90 owners manual 3. Hove Complete T90 Users Guide 4. Canon T90 Performance Book 5. Canon 300 TL Flash Instruction Manual 6. Canon 300TL Speedlite Referance Guide And any other books the group may know that deal with the T90 camera and it's dedicated flash the 300TL. I would like to ad the ones worth having to my growing libary of Canon referance books I will of course get the origional manuals but it's nice to have the information explained in a couple of different ways. Give me an idea of the books worth to a user who wants to learn the full abilities of the T90.

-- mark Wahlster (, June 08, 2002


Lessee. . . From a standpoint of 'use' rather than 'collectibility', I give the following nutshells:

1) a store sales brochure, I believe (if I understand the item you're talking about)

2) almost universally confuses most people who read it

3) pretty good but was apparently translated from German and initially had colour illustrations (later eds. are in B&W) so expect to do some head scratching and doubletakes as you read, particularly about exposure modes and flash modes; still, the most useful manual available for the camera

4) a thick glossy 'drool over' book to arouse the libidos of would-be T90 purchasers, complete with pretty girls in very outdated clothing; lots of useful bits of info, though, including the lists of accessories; not very useful as a manual

5) see number 2

6) don't use the flash without this!; actually this is one of TWO DIFFERENT PUBLICATIONS with very similar names:

- "300TL Speedlite Reference Guide," (1987, 30 pp)

- "Canon Speedlite Reference Guide," (1991, 75 pp)

The latter is an expanded, updated version of the former, and covers the following:

A. CAMERAS: EOS 620,630,650,700,750,850, Rebel, RT, 10s, and 1 plus the T90. (Other cameras: compatibility information only)

B. SPEEDLITES: 160E, 200E, 300EZ, 420EZ, 430EZ, Macro Ring Lite ML-3, the built-in flashes of the EOS 700, 750, & 10s plus the 300TL and the Macro Ring Lite ML-2. (Other Speedlites: compatibility information only)

C. FLASH ACCESSORIES: NEW Off-Camera Shoe Cord, TTL Hot Shoe Adapters 1 & 2, TTL Distributor, Off-Camera Shoe Adapter, Connecting Cords 60 & 300, Transistor Pack E, NiCd Pack TP, NiCd Charger TP, & the PC Socket Adapter.

D. OTHER ACCESSORIES: Command Back 90 & El, plus Technical Back E.

Both of these "Guides" are amazing for their clarity. How anybody figgered out a 300TL without them is beyond me.

Also: (if I may be permitted a moment's gloating) I am so cool! I have assembled the 1991 book as both a fully illustrated MS Word document (23.3-MB) and the same as a searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF (35.1-MB) As far as I'm concerned, anybody who wants a copy of either one can have it -- except that Canon consider this copyright infringement and it's a pain in the butt to make copies of the things.

MANY of these materials are available on line. Unless your just a collector, DO NOT pay for any of them unless you've spent some time in Google looking for the free ones. Also, mark, you'll definitely want to visit g/T90MBoard/index4.htm


-- Robert Segal (, June 09, 2002.

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