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I found the web site for "Auckland" for the first time tonight, and noticed that they have very competitive prices for some items useful for my large format photography.

Can anyone comment on their reliability of service for online and/or international orders to U.S. or Europe. Are they in the same trustworthy ballbark as Robert White, for example? Thanks for your response in advance..

-- Andre Noble (, June 07, 2002


Andre, I've never ordered from them but looked up the site. Pleasantly surprised to find they stock Bromfort enlarging paper! I might have to order from them. If I do I'll post my experiences with them.

-- John Kasaian (, June 08, 2002.


I buy from them all the time, but I'm in New Zealand so can't comment on international orders. They're about 400 miles away and I usually get deliveries the next day, I do all my orders online. I've never had problems with them and always found them to be reliable. Ownership changed early this year but so far service has remained the same.

Yes prices are very good compared to some stuff in the US.

The previous owners split off the importing side of the business and now just run that.
Check out their website Euroco

I buy Forte film and paper directly from Euroco now. I asked them if they would supply outside NZ and they said no problem. Tim Timlin is the guy you want to talk to.

-- Clayton Tume (, June 08, 2002.

Clayton, that's a most excellent tip. I just may end up using. Euroco directly then.

-- Andre Noble (, June 08, 2002.

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