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I found an old bottle that looks like an old school house (amber in color), and I can find no information on when there was an ink company in the city. The bottle is embossed with the words "SAN FRANCISCO INK CO) I've search through antique bottle collectors, but have come up empty...I dug the bottle out of an old dump site in Nevada City, Ca. in the early sixties. The site was close to an old school, so I'm thinking that it might have come from there. Your info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Phillip 6-7-02

-- Phillip K Gregory (, June 07, 2002


See the online site of the "History of the California Ink Company" Vol 1.-

California Ink Company, 411-413 Commercial Street, San Francisco, 1906 eneric__BookView (2 line url)

Good luck, Carolyn

-- carolyn feroben (, July 01, 2002.

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