Loose Lens Mount on Camera Body

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I own a Canon T70. The lens mount on the camera body has gradually become loose. Can I correct this myself and if so, does anyone know how? I have difficulty finding a qualified Repairman in my area.

-- Keith Walters (wallyk@cybervale.com), June 07, 2002


The metal mount is attached to the camnera body by four small screws which are concealed by the front cover of the camera. They work loose in time. The front cover is easily unscrewed. To be safe I recommend taking each of the four screws securing the mount completely out, adding a little blue loctite to the thread and then rescrewing them in securely. Without loctite the mount will work loose again within weeks particularly if you are frequently changing lenses.

Paul W

-- Paul Williams (bcghoudcg@aol.com), July 01, 2002.

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