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Found a source for a cheap fresnel lenses to be used on ground glass. They are not exactly the right size (5 1/4" X 3 3/4"). However, they work fine for $1.18. They can be trimmed. Go to WWW.JACKSONOFFICESUPPLIES.COM (Phone: 800-598-2736) Item Code 04139 Card Lens, Clear Color @ $1.18 each

-- Mitch Abate (, June 07, 2002


I've seen them in approx. 8X10 size. They can be found in office supply stores along with the magnifying glasses.

-- Hal (, June 08, 2002.

Dumb question time. It's probably already been said, but I can't remember. If mounting a fresnel behind the ground glass (on the outside) toward the rear of the camera (and not between the glass and lens) does the lens part of the fresnel lay against the glass or away from it?

-- Steve Gangi (, June 09, 2002.

See the following:

'Grooves must face the light source in this application' (p. 8).

And lots of other stuff.

Rgds, Bill

-- Bill Dickerson (, June 12, 2002.

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