What do you think of tamrac Expedition V?

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I just purchased a Tamrac Expediton V backpack . I have never owned a backpack before because i have always used different cases , but i am starting to feel the damage that " side carrring , together with my careless teeneger years have done on my back. So, i am now with a new tamrack expedition V. I have managed to fit a speed graphic, with a big barrel lens , a tessar 210 f 3.5, a 90 super angulon , spotmeter, loupe, 9 holders , filter bag and other smaller stuff , and i still have some room.. I know that some of you will cringe to my choice of lenses and will wonder if i have suicidal tendencies. I have an old Kodak # 2 5 x 7 that fits nicely in it , changing of course configuration of space, but it won't fit my massive 8 x 10 Kodak d-2, which i will probably replace with a smaller 8x10. Any suggestion for a "not too expensive" one? Also, does anybody owns such backpack? Are you happy with it? Is it comfortable after a while you carry it? Thank you.

-- domenico (applethorpe@earthlink.net), June 07, 2002

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