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Finishing the series of Commanding Power and The Law of Harmonious Will.

Our ability to act as God's agents on Earth, binding and loosing, is based our position. Get a revelation of who you are in Christ. Through the blood of Jesus we are restored to the original position we held before the fall in the Garden of Eden. Put another way, you were a rusted out jalopy who has been restored to show room condition by Jesus.

In Eph 2:6 we read, "And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus..." Meditate on that, and know that you can pray with His authority. Praise God! Pray from a heavenly perspective. Ask yourself how God sees the situation, find out His will, and then pray. I think we pray too soon at times, and we ask amiss. When we do this correctly we can pray with Heaven's perspective, and bring God's will down to Earth. This is the true meaning of "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

Satan defeats this by pulling our perspective back down to Earth, which for now is his realm. It's his home turf where he can more easily defeat us.

Authoritative prayer is spiritual warfare prayer. We speak directly to situations (mountains) and deal directly with problems with Jesus' authority. Instead of saying "Lord, please heal this lame man" we say "rise up and walk!" Instead of asking for finances we call them in. There is a place for asking, but there is also a place for declaring and commanding, binding and loosing in combination with discernment.

In order to pray this way you must be living in obedience, or put another way, living in the heavenly chain of command. A commander commands only while he's in the position of commander. Think of it this way. You as a captain only command troops and situations as long as you're acting under the authority and according to the will of the general who commands you. The second you step out of the general's will, acting on your own, you become a renegade and the troops no longer need listen to you. In fact the general commands them not to listen to you. The general revokes your authority because you're using your authority in an illegal manner. Oh Lord, may your people learn to use their authority correctly.

Dear saints, these three lessons have stretched our congregation, and I'm sure they stretch you too. Again, meditate on them. Soon you'll understand that "in the Name of Jesus" is not the "over and out" we tack onto the end of our prayers. It's acting as God's agent, bringing God's will to earth by commanding power in harmonious will with God and other saints, praying with authority.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

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