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Good Morning everyone! I have a plea for all of you to help a forum friend. Do you all remember Susan in MI, the other Susan? Well, she has moved to her land! Finally she is making her dreams come true. Anyway she is totally off grid so that is why she hasn't been on the forums at all! So I thought it would be really fun for us to start a letter writing (real letters, envelopes, and stamps)campaign. I bet any thing you can send her would be so appreciated by her, especially words of encouragement. Here is her post office box address:

Susan Bisard P.O. Box 392 Tustin, MI 49688

Thanks guys, sharpen those pencils, send cards, letters, pictures, anything so she knows we are thinking of her.

-- Susan in MN (, June 07, 2002


Thanks for posting this, Susan. I've been wondering where she was. I was beginning to get worried and then I faintly remembered something about her being out on her land this summer. I'll try to get a note off to her today.

-- Bren (, June 07, 2002.

Ohhhhh, that is so sweet of you Susan, I'm sure she appreciates the thought! Do you think she would welcome "newbie" (I HATE that expression!!!) notes?

But at the risk of erring on the side of caution, perhaps posting the addy isn't the ideal way. Maybe you could email it to folks personally. Better safe than sorry. Just a thought, I'm probably just being a worry wart.

-- Patty (, June 07, 2002.

I checked this out with a good friend of Susan's before I dared to post the P.O. Box. He agreed the rewards would far out weigh any possibility of spam mail or some creap mailing things. Beside it seems to me most people get P.O. Boxes just for the safty factor.

Anyway, the concern is appreciated, and has been thought of! Patty I think Susan would love anything from anybody. Imagine yourself moving to a new palce and not having water, outhouse, electricity, or a structure to live in. It is a really big move for anyone and I know she was a little nervous about making the leap.

If you want to know her a little better look for her posts in the archives of this forum. There is even a picture of her on her land drilling her well and getting water. I was told if I went to visit to bring a jug of water so who knows what the quality is like. I bet the bugs are bad too!

-- Susan in MN (, June 07, 2002.

I was wondering myself,, am thinking about going to her place to see if she moved. I helped her move some stuff there once this spring already. Wasnt sure when she was making the jump

-- Stan (, June 07, 2002.

well, thanks to the update,, I went and saw Sue,, she was surprised she got a visitor !! I brought her some honey, tomarrow is her B DAy. SHes doing well, though she has to move her trailor, its in a nice area, but too wet, cant get to it except by foot when it rains. SO she is living in a BArn that she built, till she gets her trailor moved. Jsut a little update for you all, gives you something to write about

-- Stan (, June 07, 2002.

Susan I hope that didn't come out wrong! I'm just such a mother hen sometimes! Just smack me! ;) I have perused the archives, and actually the well post caught my eye previously. The pics wouldn't load, darn.

That was nice of you Stan, good to hear she is doing well!

Awful big step, to move out to the boonies without the "comforts" in place. More power to her! Hope she gets the trailor in soon.

-- Patty (, June 08, 2002.

Not at all Patty, I was just several steps ahead of you. I feel bad I haven't had a chance to write her yet. I may have totype something, which I feel is so impersonal. My arthritis in my thumb is acting up, too much homestead work that is hard on the hands. I will write her soon.

Thanks everyone who is going to communicate with her.

Stan thanks for the update, I'm glad to know she is okay.

-- Susan in MN (, June 08, 2002.

Susan, that was real nice of you - - and Stan, what a wonderful gesture. I can't imagine starting from the beginning. . . . alone. It is some kind of hard work when you have most everything you need! What a brave lady she is! I hope she does better than she ever imagined possible.

-- Granny Hen (cluckin, June 08, 2002.

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