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I am currently working in Shanghai China for a few weeks and went to the new local photography shopping mall, where there are about 50 photo and related shops, among which is a rep for Shen Hao Professional Cameras.

They make 4x5 field cameras as well as 5x7 and 8x10 models. There is also an amazing modern anachronism- a NEW wheeled studio camera, fit with a 61/2 x 8 film back. It is on wheels and weighs at least 500 lbs. It has crank handles for focus and all shifts etc, and a real pneumatic shutter release. It is polished wood and chrome metal and the build quality is good/very good. I will not mention the price, as it is so low, someone will fly over and buy it before I can make shipping arrangments and they will get the air fare free vs the cost of an antique Deardorff.

They also have Great Wall LF lenses in Copal shutters at good prices. The quality of the 4x5 field cameras is excellent and the prices are very good.

Badger in the US handles some and I guess they can order the 8x10s. I would buy a 4x5 but have just bought a Graflex, so I will wait until next year and order an 8x10.

I also visited the Seagull factory store and have ordered the new version of their TLR -model 4A-109 - with windows for the aperture and shutter speed. If it is as good as the predecessor, it will be great as well.

There is a surprisingly active amateur art photography community here with some excellent results shown in travelling exhibits from time to time.



-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, June 07, 2002


Anyone else want to jump in here with their own commercial? Anyone...?

-- Matt O. (, June 12, 2002.

>Anyone else want to jump in here with their own commercial? >Anyone...?

So what's your point Austin?

-- tim atherton (, June 12, 2002.

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