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-- john costo (, June 07, 2002


The following was posted in the Leica forum and may help clarify the transitional issues for the LF forum as well:

"Hello, everyone. I'm the person at who is moving your forum. As someone has noticed, the forum already technically 'exists' at It is where the software puts it automatically, which is not prominent, and there aren't any archives.

"But every email address that has been used in the forum has been turned into a new account (except for the ones that were already there), and you can go to to "recover" your password. Many people actually have several accounts, caused by multiple spellings and capitalizations of email addresses on LUSENET, and this is one of the problems that we are trying to resolve.

"Most of the delay in the move has been caused by the fact that some of the updates required for the 170000 messages that we are moving from LUSENET to (in 10 forums) are quite big and crash the server if not done correctly. We know this because we have done some of the incorrectly, crashing the server. In fact, four times, one of which took 2 hours to recover from. Doing the updates is small chunks is slower and requires more programming -- and this is the main reason for it taking longer than planned.

"Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon on

"Brian Mottershead (, June 06, 2002."


-- Terry (, June 07, 2002.

I should have added in that message that the obscure situation of the forum on and the non-existence of the archives is only temporary. Once the migration is complete, we will have the full archives of this forum available, and the forum will be as least as prominent as the other forums. (For a while, more prominent.)

The archives are valuable and should not be lost as LUSENET winds down. Philip Greenspun can decide to move the forum archives, but he can't decide to move an ongoing and vibrant community; they have to want to do it. We are earnestly hoping that they will do so.

-- Brian Mottershead (, June 07, 2002.

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