What are all the numbers on the back of my prints?

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First of all, everyone has been great in responding to my questions and I thank you very much for the informative and timely replies. I will try to reward you all with a laugh. Recently, I was asked by my step-son to photograph his wedding, GULP! My heart sank as I himmed and hawed and finally agreed (no guarantee stipulation) knowing that I had not taken a picture in years. So, I got out my F1n, A1, and AE1P, Minolta Flash Meter III, etc., and to my horror read my notes to myself "Batteries Removed 2/14/95." It was then I thought I was toast. Upon inspection, the light baffle seals were like glue and disintegrating before my eyes, now I knew I was in trouble. Anyway, Cameras fixed, pictures great - timed exposures and flash, excited again about cameras, photography. Hats off to wedding photographers! Seems pretty funny now but it was extremely stressful as I didn't want to let the kids down. Anyhow, I'm baaaaack! and loving it. My wife has also jumped back in with both feet. Yes!!!

-- Rick Camilo (rcamilo@erols.com), June 06, 2002


DOH! Got so excited about my new-found excitement, I forgot to ask the question in my topic starter.

Can anyone shed some light on those number strings on the back of my prints? I'm using a "photo lab/1-hr place" recommended to me by a professional who uses them for his personal images. Sends his work stuff to someplace in New York. I want to be able to speak the lingo with these people as I try to build a rapport. Out of 276 prints I only asked them to fix about 10 so I guess they did a very good job. I didn't want to ask them (a guy thing I'm told) after all my other chatter. These number strings look something like this: roll# 018+0+0+0-1 000000. I used to use ColorFax and don't know if they still exist.

-- Rick Camilo (rcamilo@erols.com), June 06, 2002.

it should be something like

first number = frame number first (+ or -)number =yellow correction second " " =magenta correction third " " =cyan correction number fourth " " =density correction or (K) It has been a while so don't quote me on this one.

Hope this of help.

-- r.mccomb (rmwebinit@yahoo.com), June 06, 2002.

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