Let's mention A.M.E Today in our church reports and to our congregations

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In August it will be one year that my church and myself have been A.M.E and I am starting to work on our annual report. It has been an amazing year. And one of the most incredible blessings has been all of you!!! Planting a church is the most rewarding endeavor that one can do for God, my heart's desire is to plant churches in the west for God. Everything we have needed has come through this discussion board. I have had wonderful mentors, Rev. Paris, Bill Dickens, Jerryl, Barbara Robinson, Carmen and a host of others. We have received prayers, money, brand new hymnals, sunday school material, I even got something from my all time favorite group in the world. THE FOUR TOPS. I am including all of this in my report to my Bishop and Presiding Elder. We are truly a connectional church. Please share with your Bishops, Presiding Elder, WMS President, Episcopal Supervisor, Lay presidents, music directors the great work that God is doing through Rev. Fisher. Please include A.M.E today in your reports if you can and if your conference has a technology or media committee ask them to include A.M.E today. If we do not share the work of A.M.E today it will not reach all of our members. Thank you a thousand times for being here for me and my new church. I love you all dearly!!

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002


I agree -- additionally I think Rev. Fisher should consider running for the Office of Editor of the AME Review -- he is on target and we need this leadership at the administrative level of the Church.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

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