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WHat does he exactly mean about Anabell Lee?

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002


Revolt against the loss of his true love. He will never "get over it" or settle for the angel in the sky consolation though he clings to any such tie to keep them conjoined. Symbolically, by the sea shows them separate and stranded together, yet separate between sea and shore, the static state Poe often writes about, his existential point of view regarding his lost past and barred future and the haunting presence of memory that traps his hope.

The actual plot is fairly easy to follow and the bitter melancholic mood of the defiant lover dominantes. There is NO description of Annabel Lee but a lot of definition of everything in the universe as it affects the narrator. It seems somewhat biographical, but so do many poems about lovers. there were a few instances where the kin of his loves separated or tried to separate him from his love. The implication that if they had not entombed her he would have kept her body within touch is macabre but the idea is he simply was not going to let death consummate the separation. So he remains by the tomb.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

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