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I have a movie with the file extension of .TEG.CAM which plays on windows media player. Can I convert it to VCD and play it on my DVD player. thanks john nichols

-- john nichols (, June 06, 2002


I would really really like to get an answer to that one too!

-- Bonnie Lynn (, July 23, 2003.

how did youy get this file to play on WMP ????

-- (, July 28, 2003.

Hi John,

how did you make the .TEG.CAM file to play on Windows Media Player? i have a similar file but i see just a black screen.. no maudio, no vidio.

Thanks, -Vik

-- Vik (, December 06, 2003.

I too would like an answer to this one

-- -=Ricta=- (, February 22, 2004.

its probably been corrupted if it was downloaded off kazaa,as i had the same problem,try redownloading stuff from emule as it stops files from getting damaged throughout downloads

-- paul stimson (, March 07, 2004.

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