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Hi. Been climbing for a while now, and I can do around a 5.8/5.9 outdoors. And I want to start leading but I want to start learning on sport, I don't really know anyone in the area that I'd feel comfortable trying an easy trad lead with yet, not to mention that I by no means have the gear. So, I'm in Colorado (Boulder) and was wondering if anybody knew of any really easy 5.4-ish sport routes that I could start off with. I've been hunting but all the sport routes I can fine are 5.7 and up, and no way I'm doing my first lead on something like that, even if it is sport! I'm only out here for the summer, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Shilpa

-- Shilpa Reddy (, June 05, 2002


Bolts are for pushing you limits. Learn how to climb, how to belay. Make sure you partner knows how to do the same. You'll never find a 5.4 sport climb because bolting a route should and is always a serious decision and a decision that is usualy left for real progress, not 5.4 anything. Learn to place gear while you at it.

-- Justin L Boening (, December 08, 2002.

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