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Before I use Snazzi PCI card to caputer and burn VCD, 4 years ago. That capture work until last year, but now broke out, it is old enough. Now I wanna use a new capture card for VCD result. I like simple and fast, i.e. capture directly to MPEg-1 (either by software or hardware endcoding) and Burn VCD instantly. (like 2 to 3 hours of work make a VHS to VCD. waiting for your answer, cause I have to make the system ready very soon. thnaks ....


-- akiyo hlaing (, June 05, 2002


You might want to check out the ADS Instant DVD, it also does VCD mpeg. Never owned one personally, so I can't speak with too much athority, but I got to play with one for a while at comdex last year and it seemed to do a nice job at vcd bitrates. The WinTV-PVR looked like crap though.

For software encoding, I like WinDVR. You can grab a free demo off the intervideo website to play with. It needs a little postprocessing to be on spec for VCD, but not much. Just re-encode the audio stream with tmpgenc, and mux it with the raw video stream. It's not perfect, but its the best real time software encoder I've played with. If they ever fix their audio encoder it'll be a great product.

I personally don't use real time encoders, since most of my captures need to be cleaned up in virtualdub or avisynth before they hit the encoder.

-- Sean Hatfield (, June 06, 2002.

I use Cyber Link PowerVCR it records straight to vcd standard ready to burn using nero

-- paul houghton (, June 09, 2002.

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