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Yes, it is good that Paul's gotten this togeather. And interesting comments on your retirement, Paul!

What have I been doing so far? Tonnes, as usual! I've had a roller coaster of a spring, with extremes in all directions.

On the good side, I got a great research job here on campus (anyone else around during the summer?) working in a genetics lab- no clones of me running around yet, though! I've also been spending some time at my cottage (I love swimming!!), and am taking 2 very good psych courses at nights (health psych, and drugs + behaviour- both worth taking, especially if you can take them togeather!).

On the flip side, I have 2 pieces of bad news. The minor one is that I didn't get into U of T med school this year. Knowing me, you're wondering why this is minor. Well, because two weeks ago, I found out that my dad died suddenly of a heart attack. So, I haven't really been worrying about that distant future quite right now. For those of you I've already talked to, thank you for your concern and kind words. I'm doing much better now...

Anyhoo, I'd love to hear some news from some of the rest of you people. Oh, and Miriam; is that Children's Lit course the correspondence course on multicultural kid's lit? If so, consider Harry Potter as a series to do your final report on- might be fun!

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002


Hey Julie, Wow, are you handling a lot this summer! I am so sorry to hear about your dad dying. And also about med school. But I hear your usual vibrant self, and that's great. Keep going. You don't have to make all your decisions immediately, and grieving takes time. Take good care, and talk to you later. Svetlana

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

Hey everyone, I'm so happy that Paul has gotten this together- it such a great way to keep in touch with everyone!

Julie, i'm sorry to hear about your father - i hope that you and your family are doing well....and dont worry about med school- there's always next year! Your research job sounds great- a lot of fun (and hard i bet...but as long as you're enjoying it, i'm sure that the work doesnt seem as bad).

My news....same as usual. I am tutoring 2 students for intro stats, and i also have a client from neuro-rehab company; in conjunction with the case manager, therapist and others, i am trying to get this client through her high-school diploma. I'm also workign with my parents on the weekends as a waitress.

I think that i've made my final decision for school next- University of Windsor (MA-clinical psych). I was considerign York, but i got accepted into the Social-Personality program, and my passion (for the longest time) has been to become a therapist, so i have to follow my dreams. I am now lookign for an apt, if anyone knows of anyone who is going to Windsor and is lookign for a room-mate, let me know.

Well, that's all for now. Love to hear from everyone else.


-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

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