T Max RS 1:9 @ 70` Any Times for TMY???

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I`m Processing in a Wing Lynch (similar to Jobo rotary) would like to keep my temp at 70 with summer here. Any help for 1:9 dilution times? Thanks Dave

-- Dave Jarosz (cjltd@adelphia.net), June 04, 2002


Dave, just out of curiosity, which model are you using? We run E6 in an old model 4E. I'd say check with Wing Lynch on the b&w...seems to me that running at 70 might be kinda tough, since they all have heaters in the tanks. Unless your ambient temp is lower than 70 in your lab. fwiw, we run TMAX RS in a replenished deeptank line...our film room is pretty cool though, like 65-68 for most of the year. I run a waterjacket on the tankline to bring it up to 75 degrees...the other thing I'm not sure about is how long a 1.5-5 gallon tank of RS diluted 1:9 would last even with the nitrogen blanket. We turn over a 5 gallon tank every other week or so of E6 and it doesn't last but 2-3 weeks max even with hospital grade nitrogen. I'd check with WL, if you haven't already--they have great customer service. hope this helps.

-- dk thompson (kthompson@moh.dcr.state.nc.us), June 04, 2002.

My development time for TMY is 7.5 minutes at 75 degrees at rotation speed 4 on a Jobo CPP2 processor. This is with TMRS 1+9, and a 3 minute water presoak. According to Gordon Hutchings, you can adjust 4% for each degree of temperature change, so a starting point (according to Gordon) would be 9 minutes at 70 degrees. That sounds a little bold for my taste (me being deathly afraid of over- development) --- I'd start at 8 to 8.5 minutes. YMMV.

-- Kent Phelan (kent@phelan.org), June 04, 2002.

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