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Hi. Can somebody tell me the formula of Hipo Clearing Agent? I canīt buy it in my country, so I need to make the formula by my self with a local lab or something.

Thanks in advance


-- Jorge Prat (jprat@achs.cl), June 04, 2002


Kodak HE-1: water 500 cc Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) 125 cc Ammonia (3% solution) 100 cc add water to make 1 Liter

Wash the prints for 30 minutes at 20 C, the soak in solution for 6:00, then wash for 10:00 and dry.(Photo Lab Index 1947)Pat

-- pat krentz (patwandakrentz@aol.com), June 04, 2002.

Jorge, Pat gave you the formula for Hypo Eliminator Solution. Do not use it! Hypo clearing agent is sodium sulfite. If possible, obtain a copy of The Darkroom Cookbook, by Stephen G. Anchell.

-- Eugene (TIAGEM@aol.com), June 04, 2002.

See the Formulas page at Unblinking Eye.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), June 04, 2002.

Jorge, just so you don't have to go searching around for your formula or spend extra time weighing out chemicals, a hypo clearing solution can be made by using one Tablespoon sodium sulfite per liter. Capacities will be similar to Kodak's recommendations: Papers; 200 8X10's per gallon. films; 160 4X5's per liter with a water rinse before treatment, papers; 80 8X10's per gallon, films; 50 4X5's per liter without the water rinse. Note: Do not use Hypo-Clear with Pyro developers!

Sodium sulfite is a common chemical available from photo stores, but more cheaply from chemical suppliers. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (ScudderLandreth@compuserve.com), June 05, 2002.

Eugene Doremus is right. The recipe told by Pat Krentz is a so-called "hypo eliminator" and should be used for papers only (even thought there are an information that it may cause some the color shift).

The sulphite-based Hypo-Clear can be used both with papers and with films (although film can be efficiently washed without any special means).

-- Andrey Vorobyov (AndreyVorobyov@hotbox.ru), June 05, 2002.

sorry, should be read: "Eugene AND Doremus are right"

-- Andrey Vorobyov (AndreyVorobyov@hotbox.ru), June 05, 2002.

I must have mis-understood what you wanted, sorry, Pat

-- pat krentz (patwandakrentz@aol.com), June 05, 2002.

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