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Anybody got one they would sell or trade?? Most intersted in a #10, and/or #5. Although others might be considered. Obviously would have to be complete and not damaged to the point of precluding use which is what I plan to do.

-- Jim Galli (, June 04, 2002


Jim, I saw one on e-bay recently, a # 10. Looks like fun!

-- John Kasaian (, June 04, 2002.

John, think........"wing walking with a cirkut" Got to make myself wait for the right one. Jim

-- Jim Galli (, June 04, 2002.

Waiting for something to show up on eBay is your best bet. Prices are down compared with a couple of years ago. Here is a link: The three people listed for parts and repair are worth contacting to see if they have cameras for sale. Also Bob Erickson who runs the website used to sell Cirkuts and may still have something. Sometimes camera collectors end up with a Cirkut or two and can be traded out of them (collectors seldom want money, they want more cameras). Local photo stores can sometimes direct you to any rabid collectors in your area. A warning: Avoid buying a Cirkut without the gearhead/turntable. You may think you can find a gearhead later, but they are near impossible to find. Missing lens or gears aren't much of a problem. Modern lenses can be adapted to Cirkuts and gears can be made.

-- Leonard Robertson (, June 05, 2002.

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