PPP Reunion: It's commitment time (NOOOoooo....)

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Alright you guys, we've done all the waffling we can on this subject. It's time for the production meeting. Kate, the kids and I are definately travelling to the Chicago area in late summer, and would LOVE to hook up. Is the wedding a realtime event? Will you make it, Gilly? What is the date? When and where do we want to hook up? Speaking for my Very Important Self, I would most like to hook up with youse guys on a Mon/Tues kind of thing, but as always I am flexible and accomodating. So what do we think? It's time for me to make this family of six's airline reservations, so I'd love to commit to some week in August or September. Love you guys. Andy

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002


Wow. Grab the sow by the ass, Andy. As for me, I actually may have some time late Sept. - early Oct. I haven't had a vacation in quite some time. Would love to see ya'll.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

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