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I've been working on a project that has me beat. I was interested in reading Allan's articles on "Wiring Minature Lamps", because I am trying to use a couple of minature bulbs (12V) to represent oil lamps on board an old Spanish Gallion model. I realize this is a different scenario than using them in locos, but I thought somebody could point me in the right direction using Allan's (or your) expertise. I would like to power them with a variable transformer (which works just fine because I can cut down the 12V to look much dimmer, say on 4 or 6 volts). All this works fine, but I would like to have them flicker (like a flickering oil lamp) as Allan's do in the locos. So far, I haven't figured what I need to use, since they're not on a track or part of a train. Is there an affordable decoder or circuit I can use accomplish this. This would be a permanent hook up so as to display on an ongoing basis. I would appreciate any help. Thanks ~ Ken Ellis

-- Ken Ellis (ken.ellis@ncmail.net), June 04, 2002


There is a company that specializes in lighting effects for the modeller. Here is a link to one of there products. There might be others that would interest you too. https://gear.echoms.com/clients/miniatronics/shop_itemdetail.php?id=99 5569699


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@sympatico.ca), June 06, 2002.

There was an ideal circuit for creating flickering lights in the May 2002 issue of Lightning Slinger. Contact the author Fred Horne via www.awrr.com

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), June 06, 2002.

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