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Can anyone help? I've checked RW's site and its not listed - does anyone know of a UK stockist of the "new" single sheet readyload holder and some T Max 100 readyloads? Prices?? Thanks again! Paul

-- paul owen (, June 04, 2002


Hi Paul

Go to the homepage from Kodak UK and ask them via e:mail for there resellers in your era. Thats how it worked for me in Swiss.

Should also work in UK. Good luck!

-- Armkin Seeholzer (, June 04, 2002.

Hi Paul,

I made some inquiries a few weeks ago about mailordering TMX in RL, so the situation about really stocking it can be different.

RW confirmed to me a few weeks ago that they to not carry TMX in RL, or any other Kodak product for that matter.

Calumet UK answered that they have TMX in Single Sheet RL, but I never asked about the holder.

From the large-format mailing list I got a mail that the sender made some inquiries at Silverprint: they would carry the film if I would order it on a regular basis. Other option could be teamworkphoto in London.

If mailorder is not a problem, you could turn to Prophot in Paris, France, they have TMX SS RL in stock but no holder. I ordered the holder from Badger in the US.


-- Huib Smeets (, June 04, 2002.

Paul, I recently bought a holder from Badger in the US via their website. It was delivered within a week and cost about 80ukp all in. I couldnt get one from any supplier in the UK at that time (and all the prices quoted were higher by some margin). I get TMX100 readyloads from Teamwork who were knocking them out at 26ukp per box of 20.

Best regards


-- David Tolcher (, June 04, 2002.

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