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Seaarching for history of the San Leandro Ferry. When was it built, how log was it service, etc. Where is it today? Under renovation? Where can I find photos?

-- Pam Hodges (, June 04, 2002


Here's the ship's data on the San Leandro from George Harlan's "San Francisco Bay Ferryboats":

Built, 1923, Los Angeles Shipbuilding Co, Los Angeles. Operated by Key System, Southern Pacific Railroad. Steel hull, 225'x42.1'x17.1'. 1653 tons. Turbo-electric engine.

San Leandro made last SP ferry crossing of SF Bay from the Ferry Building to Oakland in 1958. Maintained in servicable condition for possible resale or reuse until the early 1970s. Burned in a pier fire c1971-72. Not sure of present location of hull; scrapped?

-- John Martini (, June 04, 2002.

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