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Hi all,

I've just bought a used 8x10 Arca camera. For my beginnings, I have the choice between two (relatively !) inexpensive lenses : a 300 Symmar and a 240 Symmar S (both mounted on electronic Compur). Without considering focal length or discussing about old electronic shutters, which of them would be the best in terms of quality (BW use) ?


-- Jimmy Peguet (, June 04, 2002


Jimmy, Sorry I don't know much about Symmars except that the earlier ones were convertibles. If you have the serial #s check out Schneider's website, they've got lots of historical information that might be of interest. Also check out SK Grime's website and see what he has to say about electric Compurs. 8x10 is FUN! Good Luck!

-- John Kasaian (, June 04, 2002.

Hi Jimmy, the 240 is the newer, improved version, but I think for BW use there will be no great difference. The image-circle of the 240 is tight for 8x10. So may be the price is the point.

-- Thomas Vaehrmann (, June 04, 2002.

The 240. BUT the image circle is smallish at 336mm. You need 310 to cover so that only gives you about an inch to roam around in.

-- Jim Galli (, June 04, 2002.

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