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I am catholic, my boyfriend is an atheist. He does not push his beliefs on me and is even willing to attend church with me. However, we are looking at getting married, and were wondering if it is possible for a catholic and an atheist to get married in a catholic church with a catholic ceremony? He does not want to change his beliefs, or start are marriage off in a lie by having to agree to things he doesn't believe.

-- karlamaelechtenberg (, June 03, 2002



-- Xavier (, June 04, 2002.

These types of marriages have been discussed earlier. Just click here and go through all the threads.

You will get a little insight so as what is it to marry a non catholic means.

As far as you have asked, I would only say that if you have decided in your heart that you want to marry than nothing in the world can stop you. Dont just fullfill your obligation by marry in the Church. There are many things after marriage. Children, family, husband.

Catholic faith is not just limited to marrying in the Church. It is much beyong that. Think about your after marriage life, your children your own faith where will they be ?

Peace & Blessings

-- Xavier (, June 04, 2002.

Sorry, the above link doesnt work. Just click on the main page of this forum, scroll down to Older Messages (by category) and click the link Marriage/Divorce.


Peace & Blessings

-- Xavier (, June 04, 2002.

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