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Continuing the thoughts expressed in "Commanding Power". How was it that Jesus and the early apostles saw healing every time they prayed for it? How was it that they saw miracles even mightier than that?

We spoke of how a Christian can command power by using the authority of the Name of Jesus. When this is done the result is positive every single time. There's no wrestling with the devil. Things simply happen because the power of God is accessed quickly and powerfully. Nothing can stop it.

Of course we can't misuse this, and God won't allow us to. For us to operate successfully in the Name of Jesus we must be using His Name according to His will. The reason the Jesus and the apostles saw such success was they only prayed when they knew the will of God. They knew that it was God's will to deliver this person from sickness. They knew God's will in every situation, so when they prayed it was simply a matter of calling into reality God's will.

Now the question becomes, how can I know the will of God? First and foremost of course is the Bible. Then there is application of the principles of the Bible into our individual circumstances. Prophets, pastors, and teachers have a role here, as they counsel people on a myriad of situations. Through these gifts we'll come to know the will of God.

Then there is holy consensus. It will "seem good to the Body" to do certain things. Also pastoral authority. There is a time for church leaders to tell the church what they believe is the will of God, and as long as it's not sin, the church should be expected to go along. Holy consensus and pastoral authority may clash from time to time, but that just shows there's fleshly tendencies at work in that body of believers. Someone's not listening to the Holy Spirit. In a good, mature body these instances will be rare. The pastor will speak, and after a time, the consensus will line up with the pastor's direction. If the pastor is off-base, God will let him or her know.

In Matt 18:19-20 we read that when two or three are gathered in His Name, whatever we ask for will be done. This is not a matter of us joining hands and saying "we agree". It's a matter of two or three knowing the will of God, and having secured that knowlege, commanding God's power on His behalf as His agents.

This raises the issue of the rampant division that runs through the world-wide Body of Christ. From politics to theology to the color of the carpet there is widespread division. Is it any wonder we are so powerless?

I believe that if we start small, first seeking to know God's will for our personal lives, then for our families, then for our churches, then for groups of churches, God will raise up a core of people who will be mightily used. You pastors might find yourselves more bound to pastors with common vision from other denominations than those within your denomination. People might be led to others outside their church with whom they can join forces. You'll find that God doesn't care as much about man-made labels and lines as we do. Those who seek to operate in His Name will progressively act, pray, and think more alike as they become attuned to the Mind of God.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002

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