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I've just dusted off my old Ftb body (the remainder of my Canons were stolen some years ago) and am looking for a short tele 85mm min -135mm max. I've been tempted to swap to a Nikon just to use the classic 105/2.5. Any thoughts on quality canon lenses in this focal length (speed not too important)? my other primes are leica summicrons (35 and 50)and they are a hard act to follow>

-- Brandon walker (, June 02, 2002


The 85/1.2L is superb. A bit large though. Perfect on a T90.

-- adam g. lang (, June 04, 2002.

100mm f2.8 Canon FD or "New FD" should suit you just fine. They seem fairly common. I've been using a Vivitar "T4" 105 f2.8 and find it entirely adequate.


-- Bill Salati (, June 04, 2002.

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