Over the Fence -- Yakkety Yak! June 2 - June 8, 2002

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Boy, these Sundays sure roll around quick! I have to get off and go out, so I'll be brief.

Finally got something done in the garden today. My fence is half up. The tilling was finally done only a few days ago -- pretty late this year. He didn't do as "fine" a job this year either -- lots of big clods of dirt. I hope I have everything planted by next weekend (yeah, right!).

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002


Went down to feed this morning to find the goats had gotten loose in the other section of their shed. They spread their black oil sunflower seeds all over the floor, then messed on them for good measure. Something went in through the cat's doggie door and eat some eggs I left there, leaving shells and mess behind. I have three chickens trying to set on two nest (one large chicken actually sits on the bantie)so an almost ready to hatch egg got knocked out of the nest and broke. Then a smell in church made me sick. It was just not my morning.....

Was working in my garden today with my little tiller. Tilled last month but the weeds were growing back so...I'm gonna plant tomorrow. Suppose to rain.

Since my fence is up, I figured I should take down the 100 year old barbed wire before letting the goats in there since they are so stupid and would get all cut up just to annoy me. So yesterday, I spent the day cutting and folding, using thick gloves. I did get scratched twice (no puncture and my shot is still good)but, boy what a pain in the a**. Did go alot faster then I thought though.

Hope all is well with everyone.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002

Everything is fine here. We have had out of town family in and out all weekend. It's good to see them but it sure is good to see them go. One of the cousins (7 yrs, old) started out staying here (we have quite a few of my husband's family which live nearby)and was having a good time. We went to the park, had picnics, and were looking forward to going to the 7 caves or the zoo on Saturday. After the 2nd night he decided he wanted to stay at a different relatives because he saw a spider at our house! We said that's Ok, we'll pick you up Sat. morning. Sat morning came and he didn't want to go with us because he doesn't like to walk that much and another relative was going to take him to the movies to help him feel better about the spider incident. GEEZ! So the kid stops over today and acts like we're strangers and can't seem to wait to leave so he can go out to eat! I think we've been dissed by a 7 yr old. I guess our wholesome family stuff wasn't good enough. Oh well, I guess I'll get over it. :)

My husband's mother came over and spent most of the day today. We grilled out. My husband is becoming quite the grill master. We had grilled corn along with the usual brats, mets, and hamburgers. It was very good. I ate my corn first and wasn't very hungry by the time I got to the cheeseburger so I didn't finish it. He looked at it and said, "What's wrong with your hamburger"? I said nothing I'm just full. Then I jokingly commented on how sensitive he is about his grilling. So then my 8 yr old daughter all on her own said but Dad my burger is terrible! Can you believe he fell for that!! It was really even more funny than it sounds because he is such a prankster and I can't remember the last time someone got him.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002


A nice day here...not quite 70 or maybe early 70s. Mr. S. painted the ram barn. I dug up more garden and planted spaghetti squash, golden beets, lettuce and carrots. We then laid out stakes and string for the deck in front of the bunkhouse. I also pruned and deadheaded rhododenrons and azaleas, plus made a couple of (huge) pretty bouquets. Yesterday was mostly a planning day, although I did do some pretty serious "puttering" (meaning I didn't do anything cumulatively noteworthy but did stay busy doing something!).

What I wanna know is why I'm so BEAT Mondays at work! 8-)

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002

The goats wiggled out of their pen and the calf broke his pen door off. I guess they are not happy to be cooped up when the sheep are loose. The black flies were so thick yesterday that I didn't clean out the barn yet again. I am bitten to pieces just from what I did do ourdoors yesterday which was pretty much a whole lotta nothing. Its windy today so I may get some stuff done today...we'll see. Had visitors this week and they all love our animals and keep expecting the lambs to still be small little babies. They have grown wonderfully so visitors are generally disappointed..hee hee. I had no idea ducklings grow so bloody fast! Went out Saturday after the local plant sale and there was a duckling sitting in the calf's water bucket...truly a Kodak moment and me without a camera. Son #1 is up so I beeter go..sigh..my peace has ended.

-- Anonymous, June 03, 2002

I'm inside cooling off a bit before a friend and her family come out to pick strawberries. I worked the weekend, so when I managed to crawl out of bed around noon today; I had to go do a quick buff and fluff job on the main rooms of the house before they get here - can't let anyone know how we really live!! I think I'll just let the kids roast some weenies for supper, toss some chips and dip on the table and call it a meal. Well, maybe some pasta salad too, I guess. And I've got some brown bananas, so maybe some muffins. Not that I'm sick of strawberries, or anything like THAT, y'know!

Tomorrow is Jessie's 18th birthday - and I'm a bad Mom; I haven't bought her present yet. I want to get her something sort of nice; and something sort of permanent. She suggested a tattoo, but I nixed that idea pretty fast!! I'm thinking pearls, she's thinking body art. Generation gap? Generation crevasse, more like! Any ideas gratefully accepted - she pointed out that she will get my Mama's pearls when I pass on...I'm trying to decide if she thinks that she wouldn't be caught dead in pearls until she's old and grey; or if she plans to knock me off for them when she decides she's ready to wear them!

I finally got most of the garden in; and - lucky me - a fella I wouldn't take any money from for berries (after poking fun at me for planting my green beans so late) told me that he got his garden out early and would have pity on me and bring me some green beans in a couple of weeks, so that I won't have to wait until August for fresh ones! I told him that I would be more than happy to make a trade like that anytime! On other "farm" stuff; Hubs and I need to move the chickens tonight or tommorrow - I'm thinking that we might as well pen them down the back side of the building and let them keep the grass and weeds down this summer, instead of Hubs mowing or resorting to round-up. Hey, the chickens will be happy; I'll be happy and Hubs will be happy - Pop will make comments about living like white trash and why don't I bring the dang chickens in the house with me and then Uncle Ivan will tell the story about sitting eating dinner at their grandma's house and having a chicken fly in one window, across the dining room table, and out the other window....and life will go on as usual!

I need to go figure out somewhere that I can scatter some 4 o'clock seed; they are Hub's favorites (the seeds look like little GI Joe size hand grenades - must be a man thing!) After bitching about rain for the past couple of months, I'm now ready for a nice shower - and all we get is sun and humidity! Sheesh, what is with the weather gods now?! Guess I'll have to go out to the shed and dig for the sprinkler if we don't get a rain soon - if I want my beans to sprout, anyway!

Neighbor Mike called this morning and wanted to come over and start digging my pond - I threatened him with death and destruction if I heard a tractor outside my bedroom window today! He aksed if I would be willing to consider torture instead (pervert!) - I think my rather elegant snort into the phone gave him his answer! So, of course, I woke up to Uncle Ivan tilling the sweet corn....

We are at 89* and 66% humidity right now - mostly sun, but a few clouds passing over now and again. Do we not have "spring" anymore? I'm sure I remember that we used to have a season somewhere in between too-darn-cold and too-darn-hot! The dogs are shedding like mad - the German Shepard more than the Sheltie, which kind of surprizes me! The birds are taking care of the dog hair that I let drift into the yard as I brush them; I see them flying away with clumps of it, I guess to line their nests. Considering that these two have been swimming in the creek and rolling in heaven-knows-what; those birds must not have much of a sense of smell! Phheww!

Well, I still need to vacuum the floors; and I guess I'd better get the other stuff on cooking so it will be chilled by supper time. You folks take care - Have a great week!

-- Anonymous, June 03, 2002

Polly...you talking about strawberries all the time is as bad as me talking about lobstahs :-)!! The "pick your own" season hasn't even started around here yet...I can't wait, though! My Mil likes to do that so she goes picking with some friends (yup, she's actually got some now!) and she gives me all I need for fresh eating and for jam. In exchange, during blueberry season I buy a crate (holds about 22 pts.) of blueberries from a friend of mine in the growing business for $10.00 and we split the crate with my MIL. In the meantime there are raspberries and blackberries growing wild to keep up with!! Strawberries are still my favorite, though!

Picked up two piglets last Saturday. We had to go to a different supplier this year since our usual pig farmer has gone totally into the dairy goat business. But I have never been in such a clean pig barn!! Almost odor-free!! This guy had 8 gentle sows all with piglets of varying ages and three more pregnant. Even the boars were friendly!! We will definitely go back there next year, too. One of the piglets we bought has two wattles, like a goat. In over twenty years of raising our own pork, we've never had a pig with wattles. Anyways, tomorrow I'll be picking up our chicks and poults at the feed store...and soon our freezers will be full again! Last week I bought a boneless pork loin at the grocery store...I had a recipe that I was dying to try and it called for a boneless roast. When Harry and I cut up our pork, we never debone the chops and roasts!! Anyways, it had been a long time since we'd had a "store-bought" pork roast and YUCK is all I can say!! Practically no flavor!

Garden is coming along. The peas have blossoms as well as the pepper and tomato plants. My eggplants are "riding" in Michelin tires. They just love being planted in tires probably because it keeps their roots warm. I can put them out so much earlier, too! I'm putting in a second planting of bush beans today and some extra cabbage.

Right now, though, I'm headed back to the local greenhouse...I'm addicted! Probably will pick up some more geraniums and petunias. The question is...where will I plant them!!??


-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

It's cloudy and drizzly and gloomy (looks like I remember Seattle) and the high today is only 60*. Sposed to be back up in the 80's by the end of the week. We are wet wet wet again here!

I planted several containers this weekend; they're out on the deck. Yesterday I glanced out the window and saw potting soil all over the deck and when I looked at the containers it was pretty obvious they had been vandalized! Course I went ballistic, looking at Sputnik the Pug, who looked at me innocently, found the cat snoozin in the basement, and then found Isis, the Great Pyrenees, with dirt all over her big fat nose! I proceeded to give her a quite animated 'mean talk', including of course references to where I would likely ship her (Korea) if this were to happen again. And I had placed all those seeds so very carefully!! aarrgghh!!

Bren and Ali are leaving tomorrow for a week in California; Bren will be visiting her mom and Ali is going to a three day unschooling party. It's funny but since we moved from L.A. in 1987, the kids have been back several times to the west coast, but always with Bren. I always stayed home to watch the animals, but even this time I couldnt go cuz Lotus has to go to a blues festival in northern MN this weekend, and she wants me there. A woman well known in the blues scene for many years, Debbie Davies, has been communicating with her for the past several months, since Lo introduced herself at a concert. She's just been an absolute sweetheart helpin Lo out, giving her advice and encouragement. We tape Lotus pretty much every time she's on stage cuz it is so helpful for her to analyze the tapes for improvement, so she has sent some of them to Debbie for comment also. Anyway, Debbie is playing at this fest and has actually said she is goin to try to get Lotus up on stage with her! Yikes!

She's also been invited to a BBQ next month at some fancy schmancy estate on the CA coast; an annual private party attended by lots of biggies in the blues industry. I dunno if we're gonna be able to make that one; I would probably go with her, and it might in fact conflict with time she has reserved in the recording studio for the demo she's preparing. I'm sure I'd be a nervous wreck.

We have baby goosies and duckies out on our pond; I hope there are no snappers out there, but there probably are cuz I saw one in the road last year near here. I can't wait til we see the fawns from our suburban deer herd which hangs around our place alot. I really do miss all the spring babies!

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

Its been kinda nutz around here. Normally we don't get much company but the last coupla weekends have been pretty social. I guess I shouldn't complain because we enjoy the folks we visit with but it sure puts a crimp on getting other things done.

We've gotten a start on the weed field (aka garden). 1 1/2 beds are ready for planting and heavily mulched with grass clippings and 5 beds to go. Last weekend we composted, fertilized and mulched the periennials. This weekend the orchard and some more progress on the beds.

I've got about 700' of field fencing to put up so I've been driving fence posts now and then getting ready for the fencing. Gotta get the fence up so we'll actually have something for the market this year.

Somewhere along the line it seems we imported some violas. We had a bunch last year and now we have a plantation. On the spur of the moment and pretty spontaneously for us we decided to sell violas at a nearby animal swap. We took a bunch of violas and five volunteer catnip plants. We sold about $30 worth of plants in about 4 hrs. I know it ain't much but there wasn't much of a crowd so we're actually kinda enthused. If the crowd had been better I'm prettyt sure we could done pretty well.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

What's that about Seattle, Earthmama? It's supposed to be 44*F here tomorrow night (that's, um, 12* above **freezing**, isn't it? And last I checked, that was for sea level, not the Continental Divide or anything!).

(In my best Emily Latella voice): "What's all this I hear about Global Warning?"

Never mind....

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2002

Speaking of global warming.......

Did you see the other day when Bush's EPA put out a startling report affirming the effects and dire consequences of mostly human-activity- induced global warming? I knew it had to be a mistake somewhere, and sure enough, the next day George refuted his EPA's report, saying it was put out by "bureaucrats!" Too funny.........sorta........

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

I missed that one, EM. If you have a link, I'd like to read what the EPA had to say! I discount anything Bush says about the environment. He has NO CLUE; furthermore, he doesn't WANT any clue! I wonder who the Dems are going to try running against him . . . Isn't it about time for them to be thinking about that? Actually, I wonder who the GREEN Party will run. I wonder if Ralph wants to take another shot at it.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

Joy, I don't have a link, havent actually read the report, but I was originally sent this the little internet article posted below, then the next day heard the jist of it on the news (the jist of anything is all one ever gets on the network news anywho!), along with Bush's disagreement.



In a stunning U-turn for the Bush administration, the United States has sent a climate report to the United Nations detailing "specific and far-reaching effects" that it says "global warming will inflict" on the American environment.


Also for the first time -- the White House places "most of the blame for recent global warming on human actions -- mainly the burning of fossil fuels that send heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere," the NEW YORK TIMES is planning to report on Monday Page Ones, according to publishing sources.

The United States will be substantially changed in the next few decades, claims the Bush report. The United States will "very likely" be seeing the "disruption of snow-fed water supplies, more stifling heat waves and the permanent disappearance of Rocky Mountain meadows and coastal marshes."


"The new report's predictions present a sharp contrast to the administration's previous statements on climate change, in which President Bush always spoke in generalities and stressed the need for much more research to resolve scientific questions."

The move puts a substantial distance between the administration and the energy industry and automakers.

Impacting Hard...

Here's a smile: boondocks

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

So what do ya'll suppose...Bush woke up and "smelled the coffee"?? Yeah...right!!! I agree with Joy that he doesn't have a clue!! Funny that he's finally thinking about global warming in an election year :-)!

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

I have been SO GOOD!!!!!! I have been refraining from discussing the headlines for the last two weeks (more than just the Global warNing thing).

Don't get me started now..........ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Whew. That was cathartic! (Did I get any on you?)

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

Argh...my computer contracted a virus so the last two days have been spent fighting with the anti virus programs to get them A) installed and B) to run. I think I'm ok now. Going to the doc this AM . I have been down right hateful the last two weeks...don't even get me started on how I near throttled the pharmacist when on PMS(dumbass woman). I thought that perhaps after 3plus years of Prozac my post partum depression would have been over..guess what! Its not.. so I need a new prescription (something kick ass please)so I can get the swings back under control. Then the kids may lose that furtive look and stop trying to avoid catching my eye for fear of getteing screeched at the poor little lambs. This totally sucks. Oh well. The sheep are confined to one paddock so it might get grazed off and are not happy with the situation one bit. They mention it when ever they catch sight of me. They love their grain and being on the summer diet of grass and some hay is ticking them off at the moment. I can relate. Thats life here for the moment. wait 10 minutes though...it might change..LOL The sheep are in the back paddock

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

The following is at FOX news:

Global Warming Fears Must Cool Down Friday, June 07, 2002 By Steven Milloy

Last week was embarrassing for global warming worrywarts.

First, protesters were surprised and routed by free-market advocates at ExxonMobil's annual shareholder meeting in Dallas. Then, President Bush backhandedly dismissed the Environmental Protection Agency's sneaky attempt to embarrass his administration about its global warming policy.

And, of course, the global warming-loving media grossly erred in reporting on both events.

Youthful anti-corporate protesters traveled to Dallas courtesy of the Energy Foundation, a global warming advocacy group covertly funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Turner Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and other left-leaning, anti-business foundations.

But when the protesters arrived at the ExxonMobil meeting, they found themselves amid louder and more numerous pro-free-market demonstrators from the Texas branch of Citizens for a Sound Economy. The free-marketers carried signs proclaiming, "Mother Nature Guilty of Climate Change," "Stop Global Whining" and my favorite, "Get in Your SUV & Drive Home."

The anti-corporate protesters, you see, arrived in a Ford Econoline, a full-sized passenger van rated by the EPA at a rip-roaring 13 miles per gallon. This despite one of the protesters telling CNSNews.com: "We should burn all [SUVs]. They are horrible, they are useless."

Another protester said: "It's unfortunate that we have to drive a van. It would definitely be our preference to be able to take alternative forms of transportation, but unfortunately today, we had a lot of gear with us" (sort of like the vegetarian who had a cheeseburger because, unfortunately, she got hungry).

Shouted down by the free-marketers, the humbled anti-corporate protesters retreated to their SUV-like van and departed.

The protesters were more kindly treated by The Associated Press, which reported their activities but neglected to mention the free- marketers' presence.

Youthful foolishness may be forgiven and forgotten and media bias may be so commonplace as not to excite, but what's the EPA's excuse?

The agency last week sent to the United Nations its "Climate Action Report 2002," blaming humans for altering global climate to cause a number of supposedly impending catastrophic events, including drought, heat waves and stormy weather.

The ostensible scientific basis for CAR 2002 was the "National Assessment on Climate Change," a June 2000 report by the Clinton administration. But the National Assessment was little more than an advocacy document meant to help Al Gore in the 2000 election as opposed to the unbiased scientific report originally mandated by Congress.

So the non-profit Competitive Enterprise Institute, joined by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Mich., and Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo., filed a federal lawsuit against the Clinton administration alleging the National Assessment was unlawfully prepared.

The lawsuit was settled in September 2001 by the Bush White House, which agreed to withdraw the National Assessment and acknowledge the report isn't official U.S. government policy.

The EPA apparently didn't get the message. Neither did The New York Times, which ran news of the CAR 2002 on its front page without mentioning the report's background, as if it had caught the Bush administration with its global warming-pants down.

The next day the president dismissed the EPA's effort to embarrass him. "I read the report put out by the bureaucracy," sneered the president.

Some media even missed this message.

The Associated Press inexplicably headlined its article, "White House Warns on Climate Change," though the article's first sentence was, "President Bush dismissed on Tuesday a report put out by his administration warning that human activities are behind climate change that is having significant effects on the environment."

Despite more than 10 years of media and activist hype and hysteria about global warming, there remains no credible scientific evidence that humans are altering global climate in any measurable way.

Historical temperature data are not sufficiently reliable to discern slight changes in global temperature trends. Mathematical models used to predict climate change rely on unvalidated assumptions and poor- quality data. They aren't better than crystal balls.

Climate varies naturally; just consider the now-frozen Greenland farmed by Vikings 1,000 years ago.

If we could choose between a warmer or cooler global climate, we'd choose warmer because it's more conducive to life; consider those who starved in famines during Europe's Little Ice Age, circa 1450-1850.

Global warming is a silly controversy that should have faded long ago. But gullible youth, a corrupt bureaucracy and biased media may keep it alive for years to come.

Steven Milloy is the publisher of JunkScience.com, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and the author of Junk Science Judo: Self- defense Against Health Scares and Scams (Cato Institute, 2001).

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Aw, come on Sheepish, you know you want to..... :)

How about that speech last night? The FBI, CIA, and FEMA all under one roof? "Grandma, what a big agency you have." "All the better to spy on you with, my dear." Customs is supposed to be included too. I have to fill out import permits for the Customs department so we can import materials from our main manufacturing plant in Germany, maybe if I screw up the forms they'll send FBI Agent Fox Mulder to investigate me. (a girl can dream, can't she?!)

The US engaged in a tianic battle with terror? The folks in Israel who face being blown up by suicide bombers on a daily basis might have a different opinion on that.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Thank you, Terry, for contributing to the discussion!

Here are my comments and questions:

"Youthful anti-corporate protesters traveled to Dallas courtesy of the Energy Foundation, a global warming advocacy group covertly funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Turner Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and other left-leaning, anti-business foundations"

This writer frequently used the tactic of belittling those he would argue against by inferring that not only are they all young, but being young would somehow be a factor in their credibility.....like, young people are stupid, no? And, to be accurate, the protestors are NOT anti-business, they are "anti" greedy, ludicrously top-heavy mega networks of companies that are, like a global cancer, gobbling up what's left of the REAL businesses in every corner of the world.

I am glad he brought up the 'citizens' group Citizens for a Sound Economy, cuz its one I am familiar with. Go here if you want to know more: CSE. Now these things always perplex me: when folks read something like this ....

"But when the protesters arrived at the ExxonMobil meeting, they found themselves amid louder and more numerous pro-free-market demonstrators from the Texas branch of Citizens for a Sound Economy"

....doesnt it occur curious to them who the blazes "pro-free-market demonstators" would be?? I mean, who do you know who would stand in a picket line in support of Exxon's right to pollute as damn much as they choose, or to pay their top execs nauseatingly high salaries while they gobble up every locally-owned, mom-and-pop gas station on the planet. Doesnt this seem at least a little strange to people? Do they really think those are just lil ol folks out there protesting the protestors?

Mr Milloy brings up the issue of what vehicle the protestors drove down to Texas, seemingly to make them appear hypocritical. I have no doubt that a protestor may have said a stupid thing like "We should burn all [SUVs].They are horrible, they are useless." I am NOT one of the folks who love to deride SUV owners. But the comparison of the van they drove and an SUV is disengenous, since a full size van can fit from 9-12 people in it, which is a considerably more efficient way to carry people from one place to another, seeing that our choices are still limited to internal combustion engines, thanks in large part to Exxon et al!

Stating that the National Assessment on Climate Change was "little more than an advocacy document meant to help Al Gore in the 2000 election", and was prepared by the Clinton administration, is an opinion stated as fact, far as I can see. Yes, the report was published during the Clinton presidency, and yes, Gore supported it. Did he not have the right during the campaign to point out that he actually HAD an environmental policy, as opposed to Bush? At least the Dems PRETEND to care about the planet! And why does Bush get to necessarily separate himself from his EPA and its report to the UN, but when the Dems are in office, they are considered responsible to all reports that come from any agency, and considered politically motivated?

The "non-profit Competitive Enterprise Institute" is another corporate-sponsored organization whose purpose is to fight enviromental regulations of all kinds. That is why it exists. Enough said about them. The fact that the 'lawsuit' was 'settled' by the Bush administration as soon as they walked in the door speaks for itself.

This kinda stuff makes me nutz:

"Despite more than 10 years of media and activist hype and hysteria about global warming, there remains no credible scientific evidence that humans are altering global climate in any measurable way. Historical temperature data are not sufficiently reliable to discern slight changes in global temperature trends. Mathematical models used to predict climate change rely on unvalidated assumptions and poor- quality data. They aren't better than crystal balls."

Now I am certainly no scientist or mathematician, and maybe I'm not all that bright all around, but something confuses me here. I mean, SO WHAT if one can argue against the possibility of global warming? So what if the climate changes that the native people are seeing in the northern nether regions (all of a sudden) could possibly be just natural climate change? So what if the hole in the ozone layer is just something ordained by God to happen? SO WHAT? We should assume that because it cannot be unequivocably proven that it aint true and forget about it, and just keep on keepin on?

Whatever happened to "better be safe than sorry?" Whatever happened to giving a damn about what the generations after us have to face, even it the powers that be obviously dont care about the planet itself? What happened to thinking about the future? Does no one who runs these corporate behemouths ever think about anything long-term? Why has greed become not only our primary motivating factor, but our only one?

Say we live in a community with a shared well, controlled by a king. The king pays some of us large amounts of money to make a monthly trip to the well to piss in it. He says it won't harm any of his subjects cuz the water table is vast and the dilution will take care of any pollution.

I s'pose we should think this is just fine, even picket those who would protest, cuz,after all, we wouldnt want those pissers to lose their jobs! After all, what would happen to the economy?!

I'm done now. Haveta go potty.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Must resist....must study for exams.....you had to go and mention the Competetive Enterprise Institute, didn't you! ACK!

For more interesting reading, check out the connections between CEI, an "impartial" scientific website called "AgBioWorld.com", a PR firm called the Bivings Group, and Monsanto. ACK!

Back to studying, finals are tomorrow!

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

EM, you covered most my arguments against Steven Milloy's article -- and then some! Just want to add that I noticed the he is an "adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute", so I looked up the Cato Institute to see what they're about. I found a lot of articles blowing their own horn about how wonderful they are . . . . well, that's fairly typical of any organization, no matter what their business or agenda, so looking further . . . .I came upon these:

Two slightly different versions of the same article by the same man (Norman Solomon), which tell of the involvement of business moguls in the Cato Institute, and the big-bucks contributors, such as the tobacco industry, and their lip-service to their "principles". Go to this link for a list of their Board of Directors.

A couple more tell-tale (IMO) sites:
Fed-Ex & Cato Institute Connection?

The head of Fed-Ex, BTW, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cato Institute . . . .

Cato Institute Endorses Police State
'Libertarians' have 'no problem'with domestic spying
May 30, 2002

News Release by Cato Institute

WASHINGTON The Justice Department is expected to announce today new guidelines giving greater latitude to FBI agents to monitor Internet sites, libraries, and religious institutions without first having to offer evidence of potential criminal activity. Roger Pilon, vice president for legal affairs at the Cato Institute and a former Justice Department official, had the following remarks:

"As reported in the press, the new FBI surveillance guidelines present no serious problems. Especially under post-September 11 circumstances, law enforcement monitoring of public places is simply good, pro-active police work that violates the rights of no one. The same is true for topical research not directly related to a specific crime, which the new guidelines will permit.

"Depending on how the work is conducted, there is always the potential for abuse, of course. But unless the new latitude leads to significant abuse, that potential should not preclude officials from taking an active role not simply in prosecuting but in preventing crime as well."

We must all draw our own conclusions. My conclusion is that the Cato Institute is, at best, suspect in its motives and application of it principles. And if I were a Libertarian, I would be indignent that they claim to be the same. >:-(

One last note on Milloy's article ~ "Despite more than 10 years of media and activist hype and hysteria about global warming, there remains no credible scientific evidence that humans are altering global climate in any measurable way." HE says. Actually, I had sources of very creditable scientific evidence, which I will dig out if anyone really wants me to do so (months ago, so it would take some digging). Grrrrr. And just because this attitude has made me very cranky, WHEN THE HECK ARE THEY GOING TO LEGALIZE INDUSTRIAL HEMP?!?!?! ;-)

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Well I'm cranky too! I've been hornswaggled, gyped, and swindled! Heck, I've been worse than that! I've been REPLACED!

I need to vent!

You know that sweet daughter of mine, my lil ol Lotus-blossom? Well, she done me wrong, yessiree! See there is this guy (Matt) she has been gaa-gaa over for the past 6 months, (she, who attracts people like flypaper, and who up until this guy came along was a strident anti-couples person) and he has been in Alaska for the past three weeks on a family hiking trip. So he is coming home a day early (tonite) and she cannot possibly stand to go another day without seeing him, so he's going to drive her to the festival tomorrow! For some strange reason, they dont want me in the car!

Now, in my opinion, since they are so crazy about each other (gag), and have been apart for three weeks, (Hey, I REMEMBER!) I should definitely be there, preferably sitting BETWEEN them, but somehow they dont see it this way.

She would like it if I would be there, but find alternate transportation..........and its too late to ask someone to join me. I dont think drivin 2 to 3 hrs alone, each way, to Chisholm, MN sounds like fun. Brats.

And I gave up a trip to San Francisco, my favorite city in this country, so I could take her to this festival!! I ask you, is this fair??

Thank you for listening.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

All I can say is that Mr. S. got 3 free ducks today. I was working. He let them loose in our yard (to get used to the pecking order!). Ducks are missing now. Probably some coyote's dinner.

How can such a smart guy be so *(%)(#* dumb-ass dumb???????????!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

EM, I think that little Lotus Blossom should be give a HUGE guilt trip! Seeing as how you did give up a trip to San Francisco to help her out, what is she gonna do for YOU? ;-)

Poor duckies! I hope you find them, Sheepish!

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Thank you, Joy! I truly appreciate your support.......sniff......dang brats.........

talked to my mom tonite (oh fun!) and we actually had a halfway REAL conversation......

actually I called over there cuz I wanted the best, most direct and safest directions from here to Chisholm, MN (Jessica Lange's hometown, the same Jessica Lange who happens to live about five mintues from me, and often shows up at environmental and spiritual stuff, in case you're easily impressed). My Dad carries around in his head a global atlas, among other things, so I figured he'd be the best one to contact for the best route. So Mom and I have this gossipy back-and-forth, mostly about her very elderly sister in CO, ok?

So we actually had a very interesting conversation, including NO ARGUEMENTS!..........

then when it was time to say good-bye.......

she says, "say hi to Jessica"

ME: Mom, she changed her name five years ago, remember?

MOM: Your Dad says say HI to Ali and Jessica too.

ME: Mom, she doesn't answer to "jessica" anymore; hasn't for quite some time.

MOM: You know, your Dad and I ran into Jessie and a coupla friends of hers at the Mall of America, like I told you last time? Well, I just want to say that I think Jessie is a very sweet girl, not like most of the teenagers I see around the mall. I just wanted to tell you that.

ME: Mom, thanks very much; that's a very nice thing to hear, but her name is Lotus.

MOM: Are you comin over for Fathers Day? Your Dad would sure like to see Ali and Jessie!

ME: Mom I gotta tell ya I think its disrespectful to not refer to her by the name she has chosen.

MOM: I think I hear your Dad calling me from the garage......don't forget about Father's Day!

Sigh...........forget respect........kinda funnY?

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002

Ducks have been hangin' at the neighbors. Still can't keep 'em, even when we catch 'em. S'pose the neighbors might want 'em?

Anyway, glad they're still alive...

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002

Those sheep!! they have busted outta their paddock about 4 times in the last two days. I put 'em back and tie up the boards and next thing I know someone has knocked down that particular board in the gate again. This morning they were out in the other paddocks that I'm tryin' to get grown again so I grabbed a can of grain and lured 'em all back in and secured the gate and went on with my other chores. When I went to feed the pigs there were the sheep out again. well, that just tore it. I had a small tantrum right there on the back lawn. Richard came out on the deck to see what was up and I told him to fix it! How? he asked. Use your manly magic!! was the answer and I stomped off to feed the pigs. He rigged it up later and man they don't like that!!! LOL Baby boy has chicken pox and is crying in bed again. Bye for now.

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002

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