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I was sexually abuse as a child. Been in theraphy for 15 years and doing real good, except for one thing. I want to be in a relationship. To have a soul mate. To be love even with all my hang up. I meat people but my past all ways seems to put a damper on the relationship. I guess what I would like to know, is there a place any one knows about where you can meet people of both sex that been sexually abuse? Some place where people can really relate to my feeling, as well as having some one relate to their?

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002


hello i have never been sexually abrused but have been beating for over 13 years over my life. the last beating i took was with a baseball bat by my children father i was hurting for a long time. i turn to alcholic drugs anything trying to heal my pain relationship whatever. but it all ways was there. you no what find peace and healed my pain my past i turn to christ. believe me he was the answer he taught me that i had to be able to forgive in what happen in my past you never forget but we should forgive and then that frees us to go on in life. i am now able to go around and tell others of how i was in domestic violence for over 13 years and how god healed me hoping that they con be healed and free in there spirit as well.holding on to something it keeps us as a prisoner untill we let go we un keeping our safe as prisoner. forgive let go and begin to live but first get a relationship with christ. god bless

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2002

You need to check with the domestic abuse shelters in your area and also possibly the child abuse centers. This will help you find out if there are any support groups in your area. You can call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline and they can tell you any shelter services available. Most of the shelters operate support groups for victims of abuse. You might also try sexual assault centers they should keep a list also. Good luck. Robyn

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

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