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I'm in the early stages of researching a biography of Jerry Thomas, bartender, gold miner, showman and pioneer, and I'm looking for information on him.

He jumped ship from the Annie Smith or Annie H. Smith in 1849. Between 1849 and 1850 he worked as a bartender at the El Dorado, a gambling saloon on Washington & Kearny, while also mining gold. He then took a minstrel show down the West Coast for the summer of 1850.

He returned to SF circa 1862 and worked at the Occidental Hotel before joining a wagon train to Virginia City.

Herbert Asbury wrote quite a bit on him and I'll check Alfred Doten's diaries in due course. But I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Occidental Hotel, the El Dorado, minstrel shows, the Annie (H.) Smith or wagon trains chasing the Comstock Lode.

If you can help, please e-mail me:

-- Theodora Sutcliffe (, June 02, 2002


por este medio quisiera fuera posible me envies la biografia de jerry thomas traducida la espaņol asi como su librro escrito en 1862 y reimprimido en 2001 ojala sea posible de antemano gracias.

att. rodolfo balcazar jefe de bares

-- rodolfo balcazar castillo (, July 03, 2003.

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