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hello, Can anyone once and for all, workout the Full workflow from DVIX file to burnning it on a VCD as far as software is concerened.

is there a piece of software out there that does it all?

-- (foo@bar.com), June 02, 2002


You need 2 programs: TMPenc and Nero. Start with TMPenc. Put your divx in video-source (you know when you open the program...) Audio-source will automaticcaly be filled.... select a output-filename and location.... remember mpg is bigger than divx....so you need approx 700 mb for each hour movie. the bottom line of TMPenc show what kind of mpg you're encoding. Press load and pick VideoCD.mcf (PAL or NTSC depending on where you live. Press start, and wait for the conversion to finish. (Do this in the evening and let the computer work at night.) The next thing you need to do is cut the movie (if it's to long to fit to one cd). To do this you can stick with TMPenc. Go to File - MPEG Tools. Go to Merge - Cut Add the file you converted. Choose MPEG-1 Video-Cd in Type. Mark the file, press Edit. Find a nice spot to split the file (half ? /Scene change). Press the } button to place end. Press OK. write a name in output (name it filename1, press Run (wait a couple of minutes), press Edit again... put the { where you put the } earlier.... put the } at the end of the movie...press ok again.... write a new filename (name it with a 2 at the end....) press Run and wait a couple of minutes.... now you have the files in right sizes to burn. Close TMPenc. Start Nero. use the wizard, and choose Video-CD. Make sure you pick right encoding (PAL or NTSC). press write. Drag your first mpg to the vcd window. Press the write cd - button. make sure Finalize disk is marked....press Write and wait (again). How long depends on your recorders writing speed.

There are probably easier ways to do this, but it works for me.....

-- Viz (no@no.no), July 06, 2002.

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