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Anyone know where the Wehman site has moved to? - or if he still makes and sells his 8x10 camera? Thanks David

-- David Hosten (dhosten@canada.com), June 01, 2002


This should be the site: http://home.insightbb.com/~brucewehman/.

-- John McDonald (jmcd@napanet.net), June 01, 2002.

Did someone mention he was working on a new version?


-- tim atherton (tim@kairosphoto.com), June 01, 2002.

I did. Look here : http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=00944c

-- Jimmy Peguet (gali@wanadoo.fr), June 04, 2002.

Being sensitive to the commercial use issue, I have not mentioned it here. But since the question was raised: Yes, there is a new camera and it is ready to post on a new website, as soon as some difficulties are worked out with my hosting service. The site mentioned earlier is the old one and no longer up to date. The new camera is very similar to the old one and, at 8.7 lb., almost 4lb. lighter. The new site should be up shortly at wehmancamera.com.

-- Bruce Wehman (bruce.wehman@hs.utc.com), June 04, 2002.

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